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April 2016

Rube Goldberg machine built entirely from HTML form elements
Posted By: Spencer @ 8:15 AM, Friday, April 29, 2016
Sebastian Ly Serena's website consists solely of a bizarre HTML contraption that animates form elements until all of them have expanded and the author's email address is exposed. It's built entirely from standard web forms and javascript, ugly as sin, and completely wonderful.

Hit MORE down below to see the site.

The Social Media of Donuts
Posted By: Spencer @ 8:48 AM, Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Is She Into You?
Posted By: Spencer @ 5:29 PM, Sunday, April 10, 2016
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Of course it was
Posted By: Spencer @ 8:38 PM, Friday, April 8, 2016

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Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway
Posted By: Spencer @ 7:37 AM, Friday, April 8, 2016
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